The Juju Orchestra – Kind of Latin Rhythm

One of my friend told me “I really like your blog, the music is great and I’ve started introducing it to my son… but it’s only about old stuff“. And my answer was “of course it’s old stuff, do you know good music made after 1979 except Jazz ?” (or course this is a completely unfair statement but it was just to piss my friend off). And I have to stress it out again, music is an art : good art spreads through centuries, bad art quickly dies. So there is no old or new music, there is good and bad music (and that’s completely up to your taste, of course).

So, coming back to the topic “what modern music does my daughter listen to ?“, the answer is “not much” (thanks to her dad). But recently I came across a fantastic tune that she loves : Kind of Latin Rhythm from The Juju Orchestra. This German band was created in 2004. In 2007 they recorded the album Bossa Nova Is Not A Crime from where Kind of Latin Rhythm appears.

Why does my daughter love this tune ? First of all, it’s really uplifting, so she loves to dance on it (and I love it too). As the title says, it’s a kind of latin rhythm with percussions, groovy guitar and a dancing double bass. All the ingredients to make you dance.  Then, she finds the lyrics intricate : “latin rythme known as the Bossa Nova, but this is not really bossa nova“… and it goes on “but this is not really bossa nova“. Because we listen to a lot of Bossa Nova at home, when my daughter turns to me and asks “is this Bossa Nova ?” I turn to her and reply “this is not really bossa nova“, so she says “ok, but if it’s not bossa nova, then, what kind of music is that” and I reply “well, this is not really bossa nova” (and this game can go for quite long).

So, enjoy, put the music really loud, make your kids dance and always remember “this is not really bossa nova“.

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  1. k33G
    Dec 19, 2010 @ 17:51:31

    it reminds me (a little) US3


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